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Lion heart Production offers full production support - with professional and experienced teams. Our crews have supported various feature films, music videos and documentaries that have been shot in Canada. We also belong to production service networks throughout Canada

We offer 3 types of production support for Film Production:

  • Production Support - for clients wishing to film in Canada, but bring their own key crew (Director, Producer, DoP, etc.).
  • Complete production support - for agencies/ production houses that hire us to produce the film/video/commercial. That is to say from pre-production to post production.
  • Service support - for clients wishing to hire services and/or equipment of our team to shoot aboard.

Whether your shoot in Canada involves bringing your own camera and lighting equipment or renting it at destination point, production support services in Canada have everything you need, from the most advanced HD or film cameras and accessories to motor home facilities for talent and craft services such as make-up, hairstyling, wardrobe etc.

Need a Jet Ski or helicopter – no problem! All are readily available at ‘economy at scale’ pricing.

And beside the actual hardware, we have technical staff to work with you and advise on your particular needs.
We work with all equipment and crafts services available in Canada & US.  We are best able to pick and choose individuals and companies that can serve your most specific needs –from music videos, commercials and documentaries to major features films.

About RNP
RNP is Canada's most innovative and "out of the box"  film production, distribution and promotion company. The company has been featured in thousands of mainstream media reports globally.
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