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About RNP
RNP is Canada's most innovative and "out of the box"  film production, distribution and promotion company. The company has been featured in thousands of mainstream media reports globally.



Welcome to Roger Nair Productions


Roger Nair Productions  is the distribution wing of RNP group of companies, launched in 2007 with the venture as distribution of a highly successful film “Guru” with thousands of Canadians lining the Yonge street in Downtown Toronto in Canada and effectively shutting down the street from Shuter to Queen.

The company made history by distributing the first Indian film to have the world premiere outside of India and the first time to make Canada as a new territory and securing it as a country with major south Asian presence.

Since then company has distributed several film, mostly attaching its films with events. Most recent being Fox-Star Pictures Quick Gun Murugun which goes down in the history as the first feature film to premiere at the largest screen in the world at Rogers Centre in Toronto Canada ( a 55,000 Capacity Venue)

We pride ourselves in choosing quality films and bringing them to North American audience.
Imdb credits: http://www.imdb.com/company/co0194918/

For inquiries

Production Company - filmography
  Lionheart Production House
3415 Dixie Road Suite, 2306
Mississauga, Ontario
Canada L4Y 4J6
Phone: +1 647 878 1967
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