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Shooting in Canada


We Shoot For You

The Canada Film Commission
Incentive Programs -- Film Canada First
Ontario Media Development Corporation (OMDC)
Location Assistance
Permit Assistance
Production Planning and Troubleshooting
Development Assistance for Film Ordinances
Emergency Film Production Response
  Equipments on Rent

About RNP
RNP is Canada's most innovative and "out of the box"  film production, distribution and promotion company. The company has been featured in thousands of mainstream media reports globally.

Welcome to Lion Heart Production House


Now known as Roger Nair productions Films (RNPF) is a Toronto based production, Distribution and Film Promotion Company with a track record paralleled by none.

RNPF is the film production arm of RNP. In addition to the producing of Film content as Home productions, suppplying of film equipment, RNPF serves as a co-producer and provides assistance with financing and content. Moreover, it can run a complete production on the Canadian side. RNPF also takes care of the acquisition and handling of the multitude of Canada's and and North America's regional and national film subsidies and deals with Government bodies TFTO, OMDC, and NFB..

We also invite you to bring your motion picture, television and webseries tp Lionheart. Take advantage of our vast production facilities, competitive rates and more than two decade of production experience. All of our production facilities are available to you and you are welcome to bring some or all of your own crews ino ur service production wing. We are here to serve you with quality, convenience, and cost effectiveness.

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Service Overview


Lion heart Production offers full production support - with professional and experienced teams. Our crews have supported various feature films, music videos and documentaries that have been shot in Canada. We also belong to production service networks throughout Canada
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Recent News

Look for us during film markets, in order to discuss possible sales and co-production possibilities.
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There are two kinds of world the one we dream about and the one we’re in...[more]

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Distributor - filmography
Lionheart Production House
Phone: +1 647 533 5676
A Proudly Canadian Company
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