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Lionheart Production House is a Event, Film and multimedia company managing the production process from script to screen. Since its launch in 1999as a service production company, Lionheart Production House has become a prominent film production and distribution company of full length feature films as well as mega events in Canada. Our clientele have included advertising agencies, independent producers, Hollywood studios, many large and small Indian and chinese Film Production houses, Television and streaming companies throughout the world for shooting, producing and directing.

As a reliable resource for everything from crews to location scouting, grip and electric packages to high def and film post production and duplication, we offer solutions and resources to assist in your project whether film or TV

We believe in a very aggressive marketing strategy to promote films. The company participates in various advertising campaigns including conceptulizing large events, film festival sponsorship, television and online advertising, publication advertising and the packaging of Lionheart Production content samplers with items such as social media and industry publications.

As the company bears a solid grasp on a highly targeted vertical market, advertising sales has become an important part of the company's business. The Lionheart brand is heavily based on the content that it procures. The staff of the company is constantly seeking cutting-edge films that the audience would enjoy.


TIFF 2018 XOTO HOUSE Diversity in the Toronto Screen Industry with Lionheart CEO Roger Nair
Toronto Mayor John Tory & Roger Nair press conference
On Canadian News with Lionheart CEO Roger Nair
TIFF 2016 XOTO Lionheart Party at TIFF
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RNP is Canada's most innovative and "out of the box"  film production, distribution and promotion company. The company has been featured in thousands of mainstream media reports globally.
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